Giuseppe Di Pellegrino

Full Professor, University of Bologna
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Giuseppe di Pellegrino, MD, PhD, studied Medicine at University of Modena (1985). He is specialized in Neurology at University of Modena (1990) and PhD in Neuroscience at University of Parma (1994).

In 1995-98 he was assistant professor at Department of Psychology, University of Bologna. In 1998 he was appointed as an Associate Professor in Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology at University of Urbino and then in 2005 at Faculty of Psychology of Bologna. Since 2010 he is Full Professor at University of Bologna.

Giuseppe di Pellegrino has carried out research in Cognitive neuroscience in a number of national (Modena, Parma, Verona e Bologna) and international laboratories (Laboratory of Neurophysiology, N.I.H., USA, e Center of Cognitive Neuroscience, Bangor, UK).

He has studied visuomotor integration and the role of spatial attention in primates' frontal regions. Currently the focus of his research is cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, selective attention, space and action representation, moral cognition and social decision-making.

Pubblicazioni selezionate:

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