Elisa Ciaramelli
Associate Professor, University of Bologna.
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Elisa Ciaramelli is an associate professor of Neuropsychology and Affective and Cognitive Neuroscience at the Department of Psychology of the University of Bologna, and a researcher at the Centre for studies and research in Cognitive Neuroscience, Cesena. Her primary research interest is in the neural bases and cognitive processes underlying episodic memory, one’s ability to remember and 're-live' past events and experiences. Elisa also investigates how the episodic memory system supports related activities such as imagination of future events, mind-wandering, empathy, and economic and moral decision-making. Another line of research involves the rehabilitation of episodic memory deficits in patients with acquired brain damage. Elisa uses behavioral, neuropsychological and functional neuroimaging research methods.


Selected Publications:

    1. Bertossi, E., Tesini, C., Cappelli, A, & Ciaramelli, E. (2016). Ventromedial prefrontal damage causes a pervasive impairment of episodic memory and future thinking. Neuropsychologia, in press.
    2. Bertossi, E., Aleo, F., Braghittoni, D., & Ciaramelli, E. (2016) Stuck in the here and now: Construction of fictitious and future experiences following ventromedial prefrontal damage. Neuropsychologia, 81: 107-116.
    3. Sellitto, M., Ciaramelli, E., Mattioli  F., and di Pellegrino G. Reduced sensitivity to sooner reward during intertemporal decision-making following insula damage in humans. Front Behav Neurosci, 12, 9, 367.
    4. Ciaramelli, E., Bernardi, F., & Moscovitch, M. Individualized Theory of Mind (iToM): when memory modulates empathy. Front Psychol, 1, 4, 4.
    5. Ciaramelli E., Sperotto, R., Mattioli, F., di Pellegrino, G. Damage to the ventromedial prefrontal damage reduces interpersonal disgust. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 8, 171-80.
    6. Cabeza R, Ciaramelli, E., Moscovitch, M. (2012). Cognitive Contributions of the Ventral Parietal Cortex: An Integrative Account. Trends in Cognitive Neuroscience, 16, 338-52.
    7. Sellitto, M., Ciaramelli, E., & di Pellegrino, G. (2010). Myopic discounting of future rewards after medial orbitofrontal damage in humans. Journal of Neuroscience, 30, 16429-36.
    8. Ciaramelli, E., Rosenbaum, R.S., Solcz, S., Levine, B., & Moscovitch, M. (2010). Mental space travel: Damage to posterior parietal cortex prevents egocentric navigation and reexperiencing of remote spatial memories. J Exp Psychol Learn Mem Cogn, 36, 619-34.   
    9. Ciaramelli, E., Grady, C., Levine, B., Ween, J, & Moscovitch, M. (2010). Top-down and bottom-up attention-to-memory are dissociated in posterior parietal cortex: fMRI and neuropsychological evidence. J Neurosci, 30, 4943-56.
    10. Ciaramelli, E., Ghetti, S., & Borsotti, M. (2009). Divided attention during retrieval suppresses false recognition in confabulation. Cortex, 45, 141-153.  
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    14. Ciaramelli E, Ghetti S, Frattarelli M, & Ladavas E. (2006). When true memory availability promotes false memory: evidence from confabulating patients. Neuropsychologia, 44, 1866-77.
    15. Ciaramelli E, Lauro-Grotto R., & Treves A. (2006). Dissociating episodic from semantic access mode by mutual information measures: evidence from aging and Alzheimer's disease. J Physiol Paris, 100, 142-53.


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