Caterina Bertini

Post-doc in Cognitive Neuroscience
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Caterina Bertini is PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and post-doc at Department of Psychology, University of Bologna and the Centre for studies and research in Cognitive Neuroscience. Her scientific interests include multisensory perception and emotions in healthy subjects and brain damage patients. She investigates these issues with behavioral and eye tracking methods.

Selected Publication:

1. Serino A, Cecere R, Dundon N, Bertini C, Sanchez-Castaneda C, Làdavas E. (2014) When apperceptive agnosia is explained by a deficit of primary visual processing. Cortex.

2. Beck B, Bertini C, Scarpazza C, Làdavas E (2013). Observed touch on a non-human face is remapped onto the human observer's own face. PLoS One. 8(11): e73681.

3. Cecere R, Bertini C, Làdavas E (2013). Differential contribution of cortical and subcortical visual pathways to the implicit processing of emotiona faces: a tDCS study. J Neurosci. 33(15): 6469-75.

4. Bertini C, Cecere R, Làdavas E (2012). I am blind, but I "see" fear. Cortex. 49(4):985-93

5. Cardini F, Bertini C, Serino A, Ladavas E (2012). Emotional Modulation of Visual Remapping of Touch. Emotion. In press doi: 10.1037/a0027351

6. Tinelli F, Guzzetta A, Bertini C, Làdavas E, Cioni G. (2011) Greater sparing of visual search abilities in children after congenital rather than acquired focal brain damage. Neurorehabil Neural Repair. 25(8):721-8.

7. Bertini C, Leo F, Avenanti A, Làdavas E (2010). Independent mechanisms for ventriloquism and multisensory integration as revealed by theta-burst stimulation. European Journal of Neuroscience, 31(10):1791-9.

8. Passamonti C, Bertini C, Làdavas E (2009). Audio-visual stimulation improves oculomotor patterns in patients with hemianopia.Neuropsychologia, 47(2):546-55

9. Bertini C, Leo F, Làdavas E (2008). Temporo-nasal asymmetry in multisensory integration mediated by the Superior Colliculus. Brain Research, 1242: 37-44

10. Leo F, Bertini C, di Pellegrino G, Làdavas E (2008). Multisensory integration for orienting responses in human requires the activation of the superior colliculus. Exp Brain Res 186 (1): 67-77 pdf...


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